EXLA Resources, Inc. (OTCMKTS:EXLA) – Special Report:

In lieu of our routine premarket report, today we want to devote our focus to something we feel has excellent potential, in EXLA. We’ll pick up where we left off tomorrow morning, but for now we don’t want to ignore this opportunity to take a closer look at this mineral resource exploration company. 

We certainly like the current look of the EXLA chart and we will absolutely get to that further down the page, but first we’d like to talk about something else we find very attractive, which is the level of expertise of its directors and advisors. With many up-and-coming mineral exploration plays, the experience often isn’t there to justify a reasonable belief in its chances for success. We don’t believe that is the case with EXLA Resources, so we’ll take a brief look at the company roster to see what some of the key players bring to the table. 

Chris Lotito, CEO – With over three decades of experience in running a wide range of companies, and has been instrumental in the direct acquisition of several mining operations, both domestically and abroad. His resume includes past and current positions on the boards of five companies, and he brings the connections he’s forged along the way to EXLA as it pursues growth via multiple avenues in the resource mining space.About Our Business Development Team

Ryan D. Long, VP of Corporate Development and IR – Mr. Long is a trained geologist who has been working in the mining and finance industries for over ten years. Some of the exploration, development and production outfits he’s been directly involved in include well-known companies like Barrick Gold, Anglo American and Xstrata. He’s also worked with Edison Group and Northland Capital Partners as a Mining Analyst, and previously founded a private exploration company, Taoudeni Resources, among other synergistic ventures.

Guy Lauzier, Senior Technical Advisor – Mr. Lauzier has been a mining engineer for more than 40 years, with vast experience on underground as well as open pit mining projects. Over than span, he’s been responsible for building several mineral processing plants and mines on four different continents. One would be hard pressed to find someone with more experience in the operation, engineering, and management of mineral resource claims. Patrick Laforest, Consulting Geologist – With over 10 years’ experience in exploration and production Mr. Laforest has worked in base metal, battery metal, and precious metal exploration, development and mining projects. In addition to bringing his geological expertise to EXLA, Patrick also currently acts as a geology consultant to several mining companies

Along with other talented individuals, the EXLA team members mentioned above are currently in the advanced due diligence stages of several promising ventures located in resource-rich Nevada, Idaho, and Arizona. The company has recently committed to providing details on these projects to the investment community in the near future, and we will be anxiously waiting to see what they’ve got cooking. Be sure to get signed up for our daily reports to receive more information as it becomes available. Just click here and get subscribed for free today! Now, on to the technical side of EXLA


As we mentioned above, we’re also looking at EXLA at a time where the chart is exhibiting high potential, as you will see on the following snapshot. The stock is coming off of a solid area of support in the low .01’s, and has a tendency in recent weeks to want to run up to .02, providing plenty of opportunity for traders.

The stock is on the verge of a bullish MACD cross, and a breach of the 50-line on the RSI; both generally positive signals. In the spring and in the fall of 2021, EXLA also ran over .04, so the upside potential here is undeniable, and we’ll be sure to keep our readers apprised of its activity going forward.